Odour Investigation Project

Odour Investigation Project – report published

Key points:

  • Odour in Cockburn Cement’s stacks generated from shellsand, the raw material used for making lime.
  • Investigations underway into solutions to reduce odour.
  • Cockburn Cement publishes specialist report.

Cockburn Cement has commissioned additional specialist studies into odour management at our Munster operations, in parallel with investigations required under our licence conditions.

The Department of Water and Environment Regulation (DWER) required Cockburn Cement to conduct the Odour Investigation Project (OIP), which was completed in August 2019. We are now releasing the findings of the OIP, along with information on our additional work.

As a result of our investigations, Cockburn Cement and DWER now believe the odour in the stack is generated by the reactions of compounds naturally occurring within shellsand, the raw material used for making lime. This happens when the material is heated and reaches certain temperatures in our kilns.

The studies have eliminated the use of coal as a potential source of odour.

Since identifying the source, Cockburn Cement commissioned further specialist experts and engineers to build on the studies and find an effective and sustainable solution to reduce odour.

While Cockburn Cement’s operating licence recognises and permits Cockburn Cement to release emissions as part of its operations, our goal is to minimise the emissions and find a solution that will work for our specific site. A key consideration is the potential flow-on effect to our use of energy and emissions.

We are exploring two options, which would change the temperature profile in our kilns to treat the emissions, and a third option an end-of-pipe adsorption option.

We are now developing works approvals applications to trial these solutions and targeting the coming Summer, pending Work Approvals from DWER, to undertake the trials.

Our continued operations are essential for supporting the construction, mining, water treatment and resource industries – particularly gold and alumina processing.

We are proud of our record as a local employer and manufacturer of cement and lime products, particularly at a time when WA’s economic recovery is of the highest importance.

*Note: some text has been redacted from the report to protect Cockburn Cement’s commercial interests. The redactions were accepted by DWER as being required by the Freedom of Information Act 1992.

The report can be viewed here