DWER Extends Operating Licence until March 2022


On 17th May 2021, the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) issued a nine-month extension to Cockburn Cement Limited’s (CCL) operating licence at our Munster site. The licence extension will allow DWER to assess our Works Approval application to trial an engineering solution to reduce odour impacts within Kiln 6.  

In late 2020, following independent investigations CCL identified an odour can be generated when shellsand, the raw material for lime production, is heated between 400°C – 600°C. CCL investigated several options including an engineering solution to destroy potential odour causing substances in the pre-heater tower before they are emitted in the stack to reduce the risk of odour detection in the community.

In laboratory scale trials this methodology has shown odour removal efficiencies of at least 70% and potentially greater than 90%. CCL submitted a Works Approval to the DWER on 15 February 2021 to trial this modification, and CCL understands this is currently being assessed.

We are excited about the prospect of trialling this approach at full scale. If approved, the necessary works would begin from mid-2021 with trials and validation running from late 2021 until March 2022.

If the odour reduction trials are approved and successful, it will mean immediate reduction to emission levels. 

We look forward to bringing you more updates about the progress of the Works Approval and if approved, our trial outcomes.  If you would like to learn more about the trial, please call us on 1800 156 826 or contact us on Community@cockburncement.com.au.