CCL submit works approval to trial odour reduction modifications

CCL has submitted a works approval to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) to trial a process modification which aims to reduce the generation of odours in the kiln stacks.

In late 2020, CCL initiated independent investigations, additional to licence requirements, which identified an odour can be generated in the stack when the raw material, shellsand, is heated between 400°C – 600°C.

To resolve this, CCL has developed a potential modification that would change the temperature profile in the kiln to destroy a large proportion of odour causing substances within the stack immediately after they are generated and before any emissions.

Applying the methodology to laboratory scale trials has shown odour removal efficiencies between 70% and 90%. 

The works approval which has been submitted would allow us to trial the modifications from Autumn 2021. If the works are approved and trials are successful, this can be implemented and operational this year. This is much faster than any other potential approach.

Even without these reductions, existing emission levels are already below any applicable guidelines and do not pose any health concerns.

We look forward to bringing you more updates as they become available. If you would like to learn more about the trial, please call us on 1800 156 826.